Thursday, October 28, 2010

Executive Shift at Twitter

Evan Williams is the co-founder and chief executive of Twitter.  Williams has decided to step down and lead product strategy of the company.

Dick Costolo is currently chief operating officer.  Costolo will succeed Williams.

The company is at a period of rapid growth and is starting to build an advertising business.
The changes were effective immediately with Williams wanting to be more involved with the product.
Costolo should be a good fit for his new job title.  Costlol has experience expanding the company and is a three-time chief executive of other company’s.
The shift at Twitter should bring new and welcome changes to the company and its publics.
The shift at Twitter should not negatively affect the company due to loyal followers.  Twitter followers are loyal to the company’s brand.  This means followers will likely always give the company a chance to evolve unless the changes become overwhelming.