Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Allegations Against Tour de France Winner

Three-time Tour de France winner, Alberto Contador, has tested positive for a banned drug.  Contador failed his first test at the Tour de France last summer.  The latest test was given by the International Cycling Union.

            This test detects a chemical called plasticizer that is found in plastic IV bags.  This positive could be the use of blood transfusions to increase endurance.  The World Anti-Doping Agency bans blood transfusions and intravenous infusions, except in medical emergencies.
            A test performed from the Tour de France showed high levels of a chemical that signifies doping.
            Contador released a statement saying he tested positive for clenbuterol, a weight-loss and muscle building drug.  Contador said he tested positive for clenbuterol from his consumption of tainted beef from Spain.
            Contador denied allegations of doping and said he knew nothing about the latest test.
            The problem with these allegations is the test to detect plasticizers from IV bags.  The test has been around for more than a year in anti-doping, but it has not been validated for use.  This means an athlete could easily question its validity.  Another problem is the lack of official confirmation.  The information concerning results has come from an anonymous source with knowledge of the test results.
            Contador’s press agent, Jacinto Vidarte, said his client has done nothing illegal and denies receiving any transfusions.

Contador’s endorsement deals with Sidi could be negatively affected by the allegations of doping.  If Contador looses favor with the publics Sidi appeals to, he could loose his contract.

Source: A Second Failed Test Puts Heat on Contador-New York Times-by:Juliet Macur