Thursday, October 21, 2010

HarperCollins Issues Apology for Errors

Jonathan Franzen has apologized for printing error that left dozens of spelling and punctuation mistakes in the first edition of his new novel.

            Spokeswoman for HarperCollins, Susanna Frayn, said about 8,000 copies of the first edition containing the errors were sold before the mistakes were discovered.
            The first edition of the book “Freedom” will be rushed to reprint.  After correction, customers with the flawed edition will get the corrected version.
            This mistake makes the publisher look bad as well as the author.  Franzen and HarperCollins have done a good job trying to correct the situation.  Hopefully readers will not look unfavorably upon the author.  HarperCollins is correcting the issue and appeasing customers with the wrong version. I believe the error is small enough to be resolved and may increase the books sales due to publicity over the errors.

Customer loyalty has been shown to increase when a company apologizes for its mistakes.  I think in this case, HarperCollins did a good job of explaining what happened, admitting fault and describing how they plan to fix the problem.

Source: New York Times-Franzen's British Publisher Apologizes for Errors-by:Dave Itzkoff