Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In my Public Relations Media Programming class we are doing a group project for  The website is an authoritative source and aims to provide information about the industry to journalism and communication students. 

My class had our first interview with Sandy Ordonez about the future of the website and how our class would help develop it. 
  • Goal:  Bring people to the resource center
  • Resource center:  Area where conversation can happen amongst professionals and   students.
  • How Ourblook differs from other social media and networking sites:  Ourblook is special because it is a free culture movement where knowledge is free.  Ourblook is philanthropic and the people posting are considered experts (authoritative) in their fields.
I believe the website can become an influential site for professionals and future journalist. The site can help create community, provide resources and harbor interaction. This website is important to aspiring and professional journalists. 

With that said, check out this up and coming website here.
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