Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drug Regulators Set Restriction for Avandia Sales

Drug regulators in Europe and the United States have restricted sale of the popular diabetes medicine Avandia.
The European Medicine Agency is suspending Avandia.  The Food and Drug Administration is allowing patients access to the medicine if doctors vouch that the patient has tried every other diabetes medicine.  The patient must also be informed of the medications risks.
Many doctors that have studied Avandia and feel the medication increases heart attacks in patients taking Avandia.  Doctors feel it is necessary to fully investigate the possible adverse health effects Avandia could cause.
The European Medicine Agency and the FDA should continue to investigate Avandia.  Because the European Medicine Agency is suspending the drug, it makes me wonder why the FDA is not doing the same. 
Other alternatives to Avandia should be presented to the patient.  Patients need to fully understand why the medicine is in question and how the use of Avandia may cease in Europe and the United States.